A product developed for the complex treatment of all kinds of turfs. The treatment with this unique combination of three active components represents an affordable long term investment in your turf.

The first component is an extract of special species of mycorrhizal fungi which create a symbiosis with grass roots. They ensure better nutrition of the turf, bring water from the soil, help prevent erosion and improve resistance to environmental stress such as drought, frequent usage of the turf or some root parasites.

The second part of TURFCOMP® is a a long-term slow release fertilizer made of 100% natural ingredients. It gradually supplies the plants with essential nutrients throughout the whole season.

The third component is super-absorbent granulated gel, which is able to repeatedly capture and release soil moisture. It absorbs water when it is abundant in the soil, and then releases it to the roots when the surrounding soil dries out. The gel stays in the soil for several years and then is naturally broken down, leaving no residue.

Benefits of TURFCOMP®:

Provides a complete treatment of turf, reduces the need of maintenance and therefore saves money for turf management

- Improves rooting and growth

- Increases reproduction of grass plants and keeps the turf dense

- The positive effect of treatment remains for the entire life of the turf

Thanks to gradual release of nutrients, the frequency and volume of fertilization can be significantly reduced.

The use of TURFCOMP® prolongs the intervals between irrigation pulses and saves money for water.

TURFCOMP® increases soil aeration and significantly improves resistance to heavy-duty usage.

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