A product based on the exceptional abilities of mycorrhizal fungi. It is granulated, easy to use, and itsupports your plants for their entire life. Mycorrhizal fungi connect to plant roots, bring water and nutrients, and make sure that your plants are healthy, resistant and beautiful.

Benefits of SYMBIVIT®:

- Improved nutrition, growth and health

- Better formation of flowers and fruit, higher yield

- Significantly reduced need of watering and fertilizing

- Increased resistance to environmental stree (drought, transplanting etc.)

- Excellent for planting on slopes for stabilizing the surface

SYMBIVIT® was developed for:

- Flowering plants and house pot plants (rose, cyclamen, geranium, petunia, verbena etc.)

- Creeping plants

- Most ornamental conifers (thuya, yew tree, juniper, cypress etc.)

- Some other ornamental trees and shrubs (maple, ash, rowan etc.)

- Vegetables (tomato, cucumber, onion, leek, garlic etc.)

- Fruit (strawberry, raspberry, currant, apple tree and other fruit-bearing plants)
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