RHODOVIT® is a liquid, natural product developed specifically for mycorrhizal treatment of ericaceous plants, especially Rhododendrons, Azaleas, heather, blueberries, cranberries etc.

The beneficial effect of RHODOVIT® is based on a relationship between plants and mycorrhizal soil fungi. These friendly fungi connect to plant roots, grow an additional network of fine fibres into the soil and bring water and nutrients to the plant. They support the plant for its entire life.

The use of RHODOVIT® works extremely well especially with Rhododendrons, because these plants naturally have a weak, non-resistant roots system and mycorrhizal fungi extend it and provide the plant with everything it needs. Good gardeners know that because of their shallow root systems, Rhododendrons are susceptible to either too much or too little water. It is also crucial to resupply them with nutrients very frequently. You can make your Rhododendrons much more resistant and in most cases prevent these problems with the use of RHODOVIT®.

But RHODOVIT® is not only a great supplement for Rhododendrons, but is also performs excellently with blueberries. Past tests, trials and large-scale business applications have proved its positive effect on the size and taste of the fruit, so if you decided to grow blueberries, RHODOVIT® is the essential partner for you.

Benefits of RHODOVIT®:

- Better nutrition and growth of your plants

- Significantly reduced need of watering and fertilizing

- Plants are more resistant to environmental stress like drought, some root pathogenes and parasites, shock from transplanting etc.

- Improved uptake of essential elements, especially nitrogen, which leads to better and healthier growth, especially in poor soils

Suitable for:

- Rhododendrons
- Azaleas
- Heather
- Erica (bell-heather)
- Blueberry
- Cranberry
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