"The study of plants without their mycorrhizas is the study

of artefacts. The majority of plants, strictly speaking, do not have roots; they have mycorrhizas."


(The International Bank of Glomeromycota Committee)


MYCORRHIZA, which literally means “fungus root,” is a mutually beneficial partnership that exists between a majority of plants and specific soil based organisms called mycorrhizal fungi, (also reffered to as "mycorrhizae" in the US, or "mycorrhizas" in Europe.) Today, this symbiotic relationship is found in about 90% of plant species in their natural state. 


Unfortunately, these beneficial mycorrhizal organisms suffer in the development of human-made landscapes and they are being systematically destroyed using conventional methods of farming, causing crops and other vegetation in these environments to struggle.



When inoculum is applied to the roots, symbiotic fungi rapidly colonize the root system, forming a vast network of fine filaments, called mycelium. The root fungi start producing powerful enzymes that break down organic compounds in the soil. The fungal system then transports these nutrients and water, delivering them directly into the root cells of individual plants.

Additionally, mycorrhizae actively fight soil pathogens and parasites by creating a physical and chemical barrier around the roots.


With time, mycorrhizal system grows into a large underground network, connecting one plant to another. This connection not only enables your crops to share life-sustaining resources but is also capable of alerting other plants within the network of potential threats, such as pest infestation.



• increased flowering, fruiting and root growth
• increased antioxidant, nutrient, and plant potency levels
• increased water, and major and minor nutrient uptake
• increased stress resistance, especially in transplants
• increased drought tolerance
• increased resistance to nematodes and soil-borne diseases
• increased stress resistance to heavy metals in soil
• improved soil structure
• significantly lower water and fertilizer usage


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